To help a man find truth

     Written in Turkish by Prof. Dr. M. Yaşar KANDEMİR

Translated into English by Talha ORDUKAYA

      A desire to call all humanity to divine invitation: This was giving a deep excitement to our beloved Prophet. Since they do not know the truth, they act according to what they like. He was thinking that he needed to express them the truth they dont know, and he was making a great effort. 

When a sightless man came,..

      One day a bizarre thing happened. Our Prophet was sitting and talking with some of the prominent unbelievers. He was expressing the beauty of Islam and telling them that becoming Muslim was a very big happiness. When they insisted on their dissipation, he was trying to express that another way to soften their hearts. 

   Just at that moment, Abdullah ibn Ummi Mektûm came over. Ibn Ummi Mektûm was a blind person. That’s why, he could not grasp what the universe was. He could not know if these people became muslim, hundreds of people would become Muslim.

   To learn the new divine commands, “Yâ Rasulallah! Teach me what Allah tought you. “ he called on the Prophet.

   Our Prophet found it gratuitous, and he felt blue. He didn’t even look at his face. He was excited to get these unbelievers. 

   Ibn Ummi Mektûm thought that Our Prophet didn’t hear him and he repeat the same statements. Prophet Muhammed felt blue again. He became embittered  and turned his face to another side. 

  This manner of our Prophet caused the Abese Sura to reveal. And the sura starts like this : 

“(The Prophet) frowned and turned away, Because there came to him the blind man (interrupting).

But what could tell them but that perchance he might grow (in spiritual understanding)?

Or that he might receive admonition, and the teaching might profit him?”

   The verses was condemning Our Prophet because he neglected an aggrieved heart by considering he already had faith in Allah. Prophet Muhammed who was rebuked from Allah called Abdullah Ibn Ummi Mektûm everytime he sees him;

   “O the person who has caused me to be rebuked from Allah, Salam aleikum!” , and he was complimenting him. 

Are you going to ruin yourself ?

   Our Prophet’s ambition to invite people to love and embrace Islam was due to his broad heart. Our Beloved Prophet wanted everyone to find the right path, to go to heaven and to get rid of from eternal torment. He wanted this so much that he was doing his mission in the best way, and he was making an effort to make people closer to Islam. And Allah warned him “It may be thou frettest thy soul with grief, that they do not become Believers.”

“Perhaps, [O Muhammad], you would kill yourself with grief that they will not be believers.” he warned (Şuara 26:3)
That divine warning reminded him that, in the creation of souls, the ones who choose to find the right path to become a believer will be saved, and the ones who will not be saved. If everyone had to be Muslim, believer of Islam, with a miracle that would come from the skies might do that easily and everyone would become a Muslim if they want to be, or not. So it means that the owner of the universe wants it to be like that. And there is only one who knows the reason. Allah himself.
But the heart of Rasoolullah (sallallahu alayhi and wa salam), who was defined as “We have sent you as a mercy to the worlds” by Allah Himself and was the mirror of the mercy and the kindness of Allah, was burning to save everyone. First he wanted to save his closest ones, next his own peoples, then the other and the other ones. He would  sometimes rebuke his own people and say:
  “What are you thinking, O Quraysh? I swear to Allah , if I will be the only one, I will either spread this religion or die for it.”
The pride of the worlds had just came from a war. After performing two rakats salah , he went his dear daughter, Fadma’s house. He would always do that. The first thing he would do was hugging his daughter and then going to his wives. Fadma started crying while kissing her father’s face.
“Why are you crying, my child?” he asked.
  “Daddy, your skin’s rose colour has gone, your outfit is looking old” and then the chief of the prophets said:
  “Don’t cry, Fadma! Allah gave a mission to your dad. Whether they want it to happen or not, this religion will spread to the places where every single person lives. And my mission is to make it happen.”

   The reason that led him to the success, with the help of Allah, was his perseverance and his effort that hugs the whole worlds. His words came actually true. Islam spreaded to the places where the sun rises and sets. In everywhere, Muslims became superior to others became the, and the others became lower and demeaned.

Even just for a man

   The days when Haybar was under attack.. The prophet’s companions got excited when he said that he would submit the flag to a person who loved Allah and who Allah also loved back and would bring the conquest fruition by that person’s hands. His companions could not sleep thinking of who would take the flag. And the day after, when the Prophet Muhammad was giving the flag to Ali, he summarized the reason of invitation to Islam:
  “Ali! Do not hurry. When you reach there, just invite them to Islam, to become a believer, and tell them Allah’s commands.
  Ali, with your invitation and warning, if anyone becomes a Muslim, it’s worth the wealth of the world.”
  Yes, the reason of invitation to Islam is in these last words: Helping a single man to find truth.

   A jewish kid had helped the master of the universe. One day, he got sick. Our prophet went to visit him. He sat next to him and:
  “Become a Muslim, my kid!” he said.
  The kid looked right into his father’s eyes.
His dad:
  “Fulfill Muhammad’s wish” then that kid became Muslim.
  Our prophet having compassionate heart for everyone said,
  “Praise be to Allah for saving him from the fire. (hell)” and left there.

  These hadiths and events remind us that every Muslim on Earth is the caliph of Allah and the heir of the Prophet. Each of us must be in an effort to gain one person. It is because we do not know who that person would be, we should be hopeful, loving and kind to everyone. Like our prophet’s path; we need to start with our closest ones, next our nation, then with the ones who we can talk to by never losing our hope.

   One of our prophet’s companions, Hakem Ibni Keysan, a martyr at Bir’i Maun, is very exemplary. In the 17th month of the emigration, Muslims hadseized a caravan of Quraysh. They captured Hakem Ibni Keysan. They actually wanted to kill him, but then they gave up that idea and took him to our prophet. Our prophet invited him to Islam. But, he didn’t accept that invitation. The prophet Muhammad was hopeful as always. He invited him to Islam over and over again. Hazrat Omar could not resist seeing his unconcerned manners:
  “Why are you talking to him, O Resoolullah! Let me cut off his head from his body.” he suggested. The Sun of Mercy didn’t let him do. A while later, Hakem Ibni Keysan became a Muslim and had nice services to Islam. After his martyr at Bir’i Maune, Hazrat Omar told everyone about this situation, praised him and felt sorry for what he said earlier.

   What suits us is to pray as, “Allah, no one shall be deprived of Your mercy” and being nice to everyone. Who knows? The ones we do not like at all would be the perfect slave to Allah and service nicely to the Allah’s religion and also would make us admire themselves. 

   Thus, let’s spend our lives to our last moment to help a man, with a hope…

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