Iftar Table

Written in Turkish by Mutlu BİNİCİ

Translated into English by Yakup ARICIOĞLU

Musab b. Umayr (ra) was martyred in Uhud, but the mighty memory of him always remained live in Mumins' hearts. The years that have passed since then could not efface him and his cause.

Abdurrahman ibn Awf (ra) from Ashara Mubashara - the ten companions that were promised Paradise, who is known for his wealth and bravery, was fasting. When the iftar time came, a dinner table, various kinds of food on it, was brought in front of him. Abdurrahman ibn Awf had a look at the table and ruminated a while. Then, he remembered the first years of Islam and said:

“Mus'ab b. Umayr was martyred at the Battle of Uhud. He was more beneficent than me. Nothing could be found to enshroud him but his garment. His feet were remaining uncovered when his head was covered, and his head was becoming bare when his feet were covered with the garment.” 

He went on narrating, “Hamza (ra) was martyred on the day of Uhud, as well. He, too, was more beneficent than me. And, nothing could be found to enshroud him but a garment as his shroud, either. Now, we have all worldly things. What I fear is that if we are given the awards of all goodness of ours in advance,” then, he started to cry and could not eat the food.[1]

The illustrious companion Habbab ibn Eret, who challenged glowing embers, expresses the same moment:

“We migrated to Madinah with the Prophet (sas) only for Allah's sake. We expect its reward from Allah. Some of our friends passed away without tasting any of those worldly pleasures. Mus'ab b. Umayr is one of them. He was martyred on the day of the Battle of Uhud and we could not get any cloth to enshroud him. We found his cardigan and tried to use it as his shroud. However, when we covered his head, his feet became bare and when we covered his feet, his head remained uncovered. The Prophet (sas) ordered us to cover his head only and to put idhkhir (a kind of aromatic shrub) over his feet.”[2]

He did not have a shroud with which to be wrapped, but his love wrapped around Mumins' hearts. Even though he departed this life, his cause went beyond the countries and continents. Scores of young inviters are today carrying the standard Mus'ab waves, while following in his footsteps. Now that the cause is standing, the invitation is continuing, Mus'ab b. Umayr is still living.

And do not say about those who are killed in the way of Allah, “They are dead.” Rather, they are alive, but you perceive [it] not. [3]

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