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You Cannot Cover Our Sun With Mud


Translated by Furkan Yorulmaz

He (s.a.w) is our sun. He (s.a.w) scattered darkness of days of ignorance with the permission and mercy of Allah(cc). When he (s.a.w) was not in the world, there was blasphemy, cruelty and violence. When he (s.a.w) came to the world, faith, justice and social ethics enlightened our horizons. His arrival was a good news for underdogs, orphans and oppressed ones, also dismayed all despots and tyrants. 

Allah (cc) loved him (s.a.w) at first. Allah loved him (s.a.w) too much, Allah (cc) sworn to his life in the Qur’an. [1] Allah (cc) obtained a friend. [2] Allah (cc) gave him (s.a.w) hawd al kawthar [3] in the hereafter, and conveyed him (s.a.w) to the highest position, to al Maqam al Mahmood. [4] Allah (cc) said: "And indeed, you are of a great moral character.”[5] and made him (s.a.w) uswa e hasna; it means, in every matter Allah (cc) made him (s.a.w) a paragon for believers. [6] Allah (cc) made him loving (s.a.w) as an essential pillar of faith to His slaves.[7] The ummah loved him (s.a.w) with an epic love; for the sake of sacrificing their lives, their possessions and their children.[8] He (s.a.w) is the biggest gift of Allah (cc) to the people.[9] People attained their life of guidance Qur’an and their salvation religion Islam by virtue of him (s.a.w). He (s.a.w), in the Torah, is called “Shiloh” Emin Rasul; [10] in the Gospel he (s.a.w) is called “periqlytos” that is praiseworthy Ahmad. [11] He (s.a.w) was the pray of prophet Abraham (as) and the good news of prophet Jesus (as). [13] He (s.a.w) was sent as mercy for the universe.[14] He (s.a.w) worked hard for people’s salvation. He (s.a.w) was the guidance of the right way that was sent. [15] He (s.a.w) was almost worried about unbelievers about to devastate themselves. [16]

He (s.a.w) was so unsophisticated. Although he (s.a.w) transformed the small city state that he (s.a.w) founded in Madinah into a large state [17] which ruled two million square kilometers in ten years, but he (s.a.w) lived so simple and he (s.a.w) had never felt arrogant. [18] In the conquest of Mecca, when he (s.a.w) entered the city as a victorious commander, he (s.a.w) was so bent over on his camel to avoid being arrogant, he (s.a.w) almost touched the head of the camel.[19] When he (s.a.w) entered Mecca, he (s.a.w) forgave the people who tortured him (s.a.w) and his companions without reproach and taunt by saying “Go, you are free and independent.”[20] [21]. He (s.a.w) was so modest that a person came to Allah's Messenger (s.a.w) and said , “O, the best of creation.”

Thereupon Allah's Messenger (s.a.w) said: He is Ibrahim (peace be upon him). ”[22] It is about prophet Jonah (as) and Moses (as):” It is not right for a servant that he should say: I am better than Jonah b. Matta.”[23] and “Do not keep me superior to prophet Moses (as)”[24] These sayings of him (s.a.w) are indication of his modesty. Also he (s.a.w) said, “Do not distinguish between the Prophets.”[25]

He (s.a.w) said: “I am the prophet of mercy, and I am the prophet of war.”[26] By order of Allah (cc), even he (s.a.w) set mercy into the war. In the wars, elders, woman, kids and people who were not warriors were not killed; sanctuaries were not ruined, and even the natural environment would not be damaged unless it was necessary.[27] For ten years from Madinah, the number of deaths in his battles did not exceed 400.[28] In the Islamic world today, imperialist barons killed millions of people and even they killed each other in world wars. It shows that blaming Islam with barbarism is unfair.

It is said: “The most reliable witness is the witness of the enemy.” His praises of his old and some new enemies must be a symptom of his value for the humanity. In the tongue of his former enemies, He (s.a.w) was “Amin”[29] of Mecca. There was no one in Mecca who did not know the reliability and authenticity of our prophet and would not be able to provide him (s.a.w) with a valuable item. [30]

Today’s western world, there are conscientious people such as Gibson, Dostoyevsky, Goethe, Bernard Shaw, Voltaire, Shebol, Thomas Carlyle, Lamartine ve Prince Bismark could not stand to appreciate his worth. There were some among them. All of them praised him (s.a.w) and accept his righteousness. Especially Russian author Tolstoy admired him (s.a.w) so much so that, Tolstoy wrote a book about him (s.a.w).[31] In the work of American author Micheal H.Hart, he graded and reviewed 100 most influential people in the world history, his placement prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) on the first place of list is also worth seeing. At the beginning of his book, he said: “Some people can be surprised that I placed Muhammad (as) on the top of list, and some people can be doubtful. But Muhammad (as) is the only person who has achieved great success both at religious and worldly grade…”[32]

Even though he (s.a.w) is not adopted as a prophet in today’s western science circles, the acceptance of the prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) as a superior politician, diplomat and commander has become a general rule.[33]  So, recently, by the way of the press, the media and the cinema insulted our beloved prophet (s.a.w) and Islam, and deflation of facts. In our opinion it is the manifestation of systematic psychological war against Muslims and Islam. In contrast, because there is no swearing culture in Islam, we, Muslims, do not target their holiness beyond criticism:  “And do not insult those they invoke other than Allah, lest they insult Allah in enmity without knowledge.”(An’am,108)

We embrace the prophet Jesus (as) and Moses (as) in their own realities and with more love and respect than they do. We do not even speak badly about the elders of other world religions, in case the elders of other world religions might be prophets, their religions have been corrupted just like Judaism and Christianity. We just condemn vicious attacks and we say: “Wind cannot pull anything off the rock”, “The sun cannot be covered with mud.”

O my God! The number of creatures you create, as long as you will agree, the weight of your throne and the amount of ink your words, salaam our dear master!

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