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Our Best Example, Our Beloved Prophet

Writer: Mutlu BINICI

Translator: Ertugrul ERGUL

News that messengers of Khuza’a brought echoed throughout the streets of Medina with fear and panic. An enormous army of enemies were approaching Madina to wipe Islam off, to massacre all Muslims. Oh Almighty! Not only the polytheists of Mecca, all Arabian tribes; Ghatafan, Fazara and many more were gathered and incoming. Blasphemy was united, Arabian tribes tailed after Jewish leaders were coming to quench God’s divine light, to kill God’s beloved Prophet.

Our Prophet gathered his companions and consulted with them about what to do. Muslims were only 3,000 people while the army of infidels were 10,000. Finally, with the suggestion of Salman al-Farsi, it was decided to dig a trench around the city. Three sides of Madina were surrounded with mountains, gardens, houses and castles. So, the trench would be dug on the northern side where enemies would come. It would be so wide that enemy cavalries wouldn’t cross (4,5 m), and so deep that the trapped ones wouldn’t escape (4,5 m). It would be 5,5 km long between Mezad and Ratic.[1] 

Our Prophet divided his companions by ten and commanded each division to dig a zone of 20 meters.[2]

Weather was freezing cold, people were hungry, and time was running out. Muslims were working with such determination and enthusiasm and saying “We’re soldiers that promised Muhammad to fight for Islam till we die.” Our beloved Prophet was following with “Life is just for afterlife. My God! Grace Ansar and Emigrant.”.[3] However, a group in the army of Islam was constantly trying to demotivate Muslims. They were wailing as “The enemy’s coming!”, fleeing the trench and returning their homes by leaving their work unfinished. Those hypocrites that tried to panic the army were trying to disrupt the construction of the trench and making hunger and vulnerable homes as excuses.[4] They clamied that Almighty God and his Messenger made hollow promises and brought a big disaster upon Madina. People were demoralised.

The Messenger of Almighty God did not mind the words, tricks and frauds of hypocrites. He was digging with the pickaxe on his hand, filling the soil on basket and carrying on his back.[5] Once, a companion said that he was so hungry that he tied a stone on his belly. As a response, our Prophet opened his chest and revealed the two stones on his belly, then he continued working.[6]

The Lord of the Worlds showed that Hz. Muhammad (pbuh) at 58 was covered in dust, shattering rocks with the sledgehammer on his hand and instilling hope and excitement to those he loved as an example to those who were demoralised and scared, who fled work, lazed away, made hunger and thirst as excuses and laid under palm trees:

“There has certainly been for you in the Messenger of Allah an excellent pattern for anyone whose hope is in Allah and the Last Day and [who] remembers Allah often.”(Al-Ahzab 33/21.)

Victorious were the ones who praised and wanted to reunite with the Lord, desired heaven and struggled side to side with the best example.


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