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To help a man find truth

One day a bizarre thing happened. Our Prophet was sitting and talking with some of the prominent unbelievers. He was expressing the beauty of Islam and telling them that becoming Muslim was a very big happiness. When they insisted on their dissipation, he was trying to express that another way to soften their hearts.

The Generosity of the Prophet of Allah

"A generous person is closer to Allah, to Paradise and to people, and distant to the flames of Hell. But a miser is distant to Allah, to Paradise and to people and close to Hellfire" he has stated. (Tirmidhi, Birr, 40/1961)

The Mercy and Compassion of the Prophet of Allah

"Allah, glory unto Him, the Rahman, has mercy for those who are merciful. Show mercy and compassion for those on Ear th so that you will be shown mercy and compassion by those in the Heavens:'

I Truly Love You

“O My Lord! Help me to remember You and recite Your Name in Your remembrance, to thank You for the bounties You provided, and to worship You in the way that befits You.” (Abu Dawud, Witr 26.)

This Separation İs From Love

The only thing she had was his dear son after being widow at the age of 17. However, the circumstances of that day compelled Amine to leave her child, to remain alone and unconscious, and to burn with the longing of her offspring who would live among other people for years in different lands. Separation was a hard sacrifice that was difficult to bear for Amine, a deep pain that seemed impossible to be patient.

The Way To Paradise

“Their sides stay clear of their beds as they call on their Lord in fear and ardent hope. And they give of what We have provided for them. No soul knows the delight that is hidden away for it in recompense for what it used to do.”

Iftar Table

“Mus'ab b. Umayr was martyred at the Battle of Uhud. He was more beneficent than me. Nothing could be found to enshroud him but his garment. His feet were remaining uncovered when his head was covered, and his head was becoming bare when his feet were covered with the garment.”

Siyar Al-Nabi Lessons-14: The Best Of Gıfts

Our Prophet (sas) whose name and himself is beautiful, exalted by those on the earth, and in the heaven, was the owner of the blessed life that our Lord (swt) swore on and had the best morality ever. He was a sparkling light in the pitch-dark of illiteracy.


‘Once, we were returning from a campaign and at the noon time, we gave a break in a thicket place. Soldiers spread over the place to find shadow and have a rest under the trees. Prophet Mohammad, the most generous one, put his sword on a tree and had begun to get a rest.

Siyar-i Nabi

Siyar-i Nabi is the holy whole life of our Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.)* who knows his Rab* the best and introduces Him to people in the best way. It is the life history of our prophet (p.b.u.h.) who has the greatest morality that Allah disciplined, and who we love more than ourselves. And, we gain our Lord’s love by loving him.
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