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Zahir Ibn Haram

Zahir ibn Haram was a poor and lonely man, living in a desolate place of desert, outside the city. For some people, he was footling, ugly, unlovable and of no importance. Maybe for this reason, he would not go out in public nor mingle with the crowd.

There Is No Small Thing

Sometimes, a word, an action, or a particular bearing can cause such an enormous change that you cannot even imagine! Most of the time, we think our tests will be full of big events. Wars, loss of loved ones, accidents, great richness and poverty, disasters, or great joy… However, this is a delusion.

Our Fears And Hopes

people are not created equally by force of the test. Some people have the blessings such as health, wealth, beauty, being with the family and kin whereas the others suffer from problems like ilness, poverty, some physical disabilities, loss of family members, homesickness.

About Fate

“Tell this to those who deny fate when you meet them! I do not have any ties with them or vice versa. I swear to Allah, even if one of them had a pile of gold at the size of Mount Uhud and gave all of it to the poor for the sake of Allah, unless he believes in fate, his deeds won’t be accepted by Allah.

Khadija radiyallahu anha

Khadija bint Khuwaylid was a reputable woman and known as The Purest because of her honor, neatness and social ethics; and Trader because she was occupied with commerce; The Greatest because she was overwise and beautiful.

Our Test With Diseases

Coronavirus is on the whole world’s agenda. Disease that the virus causes is maybe one of the hundreds or thousands of diseases. (May our Rabb protect us from all disease)

Turning Corona Days Into Hayr*

Disease is a calamity and test. A believer (mumin) deems his life as a trust from Allah (swt), asks for his health and welfare from Him (swt) all the time, strives for keeping healthy, takes precautions. And when he gets sick, he tries to recuperate as his treatment.

Siyer-i Nabi Lectures-8: Busra Trip and Priest Bahira

The Prophet started to work at a young age to earn his life, he worked as a shepherd in the mountains, learnt the trade under the supervision of his uncle Abu Talib and later became a successful trader. Busra trip provided our Prophet with an opportunity to meet people from different geographies and diverse cultures.

To Those Of Saying “No Need For Hadith, Quran Is Enough For Us!”

Our compassionate Prophet (sas) warned us to not fall in the trap of these presumptuous Hadith rejecters: “Do not you dare say, ‘We do not know anything besides Quran, we adhere to what we find from the Book of Allah (swt).’ (Abi Dawud, Sunnah 5, Tirmidhi, Knowledge 10) And certainly, we never think like Hadith rejecters and never forget the warning of our Lord (swt): “Then let those beware who withstand the Messenger’s order, lest some trial befall them, or a grivous penalty be inflicted on them.” (Nur 24/63.)

Return to Allah before death

Oh, people! Repent to Allah before death comes. Be in a hurry to perform good deeds in order not to encounter doings that bother you. Strengthen your connection by remembering Allah so that you will be elated and happy both in your worldly life and hereafter.
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